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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Day 325 - First Frost

morning sun

I woke up to a gorgeous bright, crisp November morning today, with the first frost of the coming Winter lingering in the air.

Unfortunately, when I took the camera outside to get a photo of the lovely light, the lens immediately became misted up with condensation...or so I thought at the time.

It couldn't focus, so I took it back indoors and had a look, but the misting seemed to be on the inside.  After messing with it for a few minutes, I gave up, and resumed getting ready for work.

As I was leaving, I took these couple of snaps on my phone...however, by this time a good portion of the misty charm of the morning was past...but still, the photo above is not typical of a November morning!

I took the photo of my car too, to document that it was indeed, icy...

stay frosty

This evening, I tried the camera again, and it was still steamed up...but it can't be, it's been in the same temperature all day, indoors...what the...?!

I got out the zoom lens to check whether it was the camera or the lens at fault, and sure enough, the zoom worked fine. 

Damn, so our best quality lens, the 35mm Prime with an f-stop of 1.8, seemed to be faulty...

I spent a few minutes examining it, trying to work out if a switch had been flipped or some such, all the while berating myself for having been mislead into buying dodgy grey imports, and figuring we'd have no comeback if the lens has died.

As I turned it over in my hands and felt around for any mechanism that I could have missed, I suddenly noticed that it said MACRO around the front of the lens...but hang on...this isn't a macro lens!

I suddenly realised that last time I was playing with it (some time ago, judging by my total lack of memory about it) I was testing super close up shots, and had screwed the 4mm thick Macro lens onto the front of the fixed lens, where it now appeared to be part of the lens itself.

Unscrewing it hurriedly, I reattached the prime lens to the camera...and phew, all back to normal!

So there, didn't I do well, shrewdly purchasing a grey import on the basis that it's still original quality and we probably will never need to return anything...


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