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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Day 343 - Walk in the Woods

me and my new boy

Saturday today, and so I got the opportunity to lie in until 9am...yay!

Targets for the day were to:

- start The Treacle Spongebob on his raw meat diet...
- place the trailcam up where we might catch some deer...
- go bouldering in Milton Keynes...
- watch the Formula One Qualifying...

The plain ground chicken we are going to use to help transition Wonderboy onto a raw diet went down well.  He seemed to enjoy it, and it wasn't even particularly distasteful to prepare.

Here's a shot of him as a "before" photo.


He had already had his first meaty breakfast by this time, but of course the effect won't be that immediate...but it will be interesting to see what effect the new diet has on his coat and general condition.  

Also, hasn't he got a big head?!

A new emerging nickname is Biggles, as a sort of contraction of BigDog.

We took him up to the woods to find a spot for the camera.  The plan had been to leave it on a main pathway, but it's pheasant season, and there were shotguns going off all around...I was reluctant to leave it too obvious, so instead we went up to the tree where I carved Jazz and Bluez' names...

living monument

You can see the camera (or at least, the white plastic rain-hood I made out of a milk bottle) on a tree in the upper left, where we left it watching a small clearing with lots of signs of badger, and a possible deer passing point.

It was nice to see the vibrant green moss growing well, and nicer still to see the little ivy starting to creep it's way up the trunk.  I like to imagine that My Boyz ashes, some of which were sprinkled around this tree, are feeding both, until the fresh new life grows up over their names in years to come.

Romantic, I know, but if it makes me feel better and warmer about the world, then that's not a bad thing, is it?

Here's a nice close up that Anna took of the moss at the base of the tree.

green carpet

And finally, here's a lovely shot (again, taken by Anna) of another interesting fungi...


I like the droplets of dew hanging off the blades of grass...

Anyway, we went climbing, and we were weak and tired...and now I'm watching the replay of the F1 Qualifying on the iPlayer, as I write this...

Missions accomplished...


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