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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Day 344 - Dog Treat


We're currently on a mission to find toys for The Wonder Boy, that he'll find stimulating and interesting...So we took him for a trip to the pet shop, to see what we could find.

We were hoping to find something he can chew on; to exercise his jaw, consume some energy, and satisfy him psychologically.

I'm not sure why, but Treacle Spongebob loves going out in the car. 

When I opened the door to let him out to go to the loo this morning, he looked at me as if I was crazy, and took on a distinctly disdainful air at the suggestion of going out into the light rain.

An hour later, I got his lead and called him again to the back door, and he still showed a reluctance to go outdoors...we decided not to take him for a walk, but to simply go straight to the pet shop. 

I went out to clear the boot space, and came back for the soon as he saw the boot of the car open, he found his enthusiasm, bounced straight over to it and hopped in!

In the pet shop he was like...well, like a dog in a pet shop! 

Not only was there a smorgasbord of toys and treats and tasty tidbits, liberally spread along every aisle, but there were also people, and more excitingly, lots of other dogs!

Biggles got to meet an enthusiastic golden retriever, a wary but dominant young black lab bitch, a fat bernese mountain dog, a pair of red setters, a jack russell terrier type, some kind of bull dog cross, and a couple of other random small dogs that I have to confess, I didn't pay much attention to. 

He was reasonably well behaved, given all the over-stimulation, and we asked him to let us know which treats and toys he preferred.

He nosed through the soft toys, and any he showed interest in, we picked up and offered to him.  Judging by his response to each one, we gradually homed in on the ones he most liked.

Robin quite liked one particular toy which consisted of a short length of rope attached to a hard plastic ball.  Not only does it have chewable rope, but if you do the death shake thing (as dogs are wont to do) with it, you sometimes get smacked around the face by the ball...bonus!

Curiously the thing he liked most was a yellow snake. It's a big fluffy thing about 2 feet long, with a rope or some such inside, and a squeak in its head.  

Sure enough, since being home he has played with the snake a fair bit, and seems to really like it.    Fortunately he only finds the squeak once in a while, so it surprises him, and hasn't yet annoyed us.

We took him for a walk in the later afternoon, when the sun was low in the sky, and I got another nice autumn shot of the fading day.

autumnal afternoon

I quite like these crops of the skyline, especially with an interesting or dramatic sky, and I think there are two or three of them scattered through this blog now.

Oh well, I think that's it, from a slightly uninspired Sunday...

Sorry about that...I'll try to be more interesting tomorrow!


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