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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Day 337 - See the Light

can you?

Despite having taken the dog for two walks today, and going climbing in between, I somehow managed to completely fail to get any photographs whatsoever!

On the first walk, I forgot to take my phone, and didn't take the camera...we had a lovely walk with the Boy Wonder, but I have no documentary evidence of this.

When we went climbing, again, I forgot to take my can that be?!   Anna didn't take hers either, so we found ourselves undertaking an hours drive on the motorway each way, with no means of contacting anyone should we encounter problems.

I felt vaguely vulnerable being incommunicado like that, even though I rarely use my phone as an actual phone.  I've no idea what we did before the mid-90's, when mobile phones started to become ubiquitous.

Not having my phone, I also couldn't check up on Robin over the webcam, which was a first. 

However, he's been quite tired after yesterday's business (literally, busy-ness), and a good walk this morning, so we were sure he'd just doze in his bed...sure enough, when we got home he stumbled out of his bed, bleary eyed, and had obviously been well away with the fairies.

We took him out for a walk in the sheep field opposite, which he really enjoyed (and he didn't even attempt to eat any poo of any kind!)...but it was too dark for photo's by this time. 

So it seemed appropriate to get a photo of my space-age head torch, ridiculously powerful gadget that it is.

It has three potent lights on the front, and a large battery pack that sits at the back of my head as I'm wearing it.   I can use one, two or all three of these lights, although just one is so powerful that I've not yet needed the others, even on the darkest of walks.

The most surprising thing about it is the battery life.  It's rechargeable, which is great, but I figured that the strong beam would eat up the juice and I'd probably only get one or at the most two walks before needing to recharge.

But I've walked Robin five or six times in the dark since I've been using it, and it's still going strong, with no sign of weakening of the beam.

Not bad for under £20!


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