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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Day 350 - Typically Atypical


Have you noticed that as time goes by, abnormal weather is becoming increasingly, well...normal?

Two days until December, and we have had a gloriously warm, sunny day, with fresh green winter wheat growing in the fields and fresh green grass growing in the borders.

The Boy Wonder seemed to glow in the low sun, as he foraged in the soggy soil at the top of the hill. 

A few minutes later, amongst the trees not 100m from here, the light was very different...


A spooky stillness sat over the woods, the peace only disturbed by the intermittent caws and squawks of crow and blackbird.

Robin seemed to sense it one point he just stopped and stood perfectly still for a minute or two...


He didn't seem to to want to cast disruptive ripples through the quietness any more than we did. 

I love these woods...

They're like a huge, natural cathedral, and coming here soothes my soul in the same way that I imagine going to church soothes the soul of the committed Christian.

I think it's fair to say that Nature is my religion, if I have one. 

It was up in these woods that our trailcam was stationed earlier this week, and I promised to edit the highlights together and upload them...

Stay tuned until the end for a little bonus scene... ;-)

In other news, one downside of having a lovely big blonde dog is the amount of hair he sheds...we have to hoover through the whole of the downstairs of the house every other day, as a minimum.

Brushing him once a week helps a little, and we're hoping that his raw food diet will help his coat.  His fur is feeling a little oilier than before, but not in a bad way.  He feels soft and silky, and looks really nice. 

But this is two days worth of shedding...


This is part of a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner, and I'm not sure it's going to survive the strain of this dog much longer...

But he does seem to be really enjoying the new diet, and it's not proving too onerous or distasteful to us, so fingers crossed that the shedding eases a little!


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