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Friday, 14 November 2014

Day 335 - Shiny

eyup me'duck

There's definitely going to be a freedy neet vibe to tha neet's post...which I will argue is reasonable, it being freedy neet and all.

So today marks the end of my first week (ok, four days) at Quatropi.  

It's been a good week I think, and many of the little doubts, fears and concerns I had before starting have melted away quite naturally...if was of course just the usual fear of the unknown effect.

The most difficult thing to deal with is the length of the journey.  It takes just over an hour each way.  The route itself is fairly pleasant, as it turns out that cross-country is the best route.  That said, it's dark and wet which removes much of the balance from the equation, and pushing the majority of the weight to the rubbish journey side of the seesaw, by lightening the silver linings side.

Still, I will get used to it, and mostly it just gives additional impetus to our plans to move north...

Anyway I took the DSLR to work with me today, complete with totally the wrong lens...I was a little late and didn't have time to dig out the prime lens, so just went with the 85-300mm zoom lens.

I spent ten minutes at lunchtime wandering around the dining suite showroom trying to  find good lighting and interesting angles on all the shiny chrome animals there are in there.


Mostly I failed, as you can see - the photo's aren't that exciting....

But the objects themselves are quite cool, I think.  I like the way they capture some of the essence of the animal with a few simple lines.


Unfortunately we don't have nice clear, clean surfaces in our house to put such things on...although we do have the cat up above, and three elephants in this style.


We don't have a giraffe at home least, not a chrome one.  We do have a wooden one from Africa (natch), that's the best part of a metre tall.

one fish

I don't think we have any fish ornaments in the house, although apparently they're quite popular...

two fish

Whilst poking around the showroom, I opened a wooden shutter in the wall to find it opened onto the warehouse proper, but on a fairly high mezzanine level.

climb on

This is one aisle of the main warehouse, with high racking...there's definitely some climbing to be had in this place, when I get a little time!  ;-)

We now have four warehouses and two king-size shipping containers, ready for a huge influx of stock over the next few months. 

My initial priority is to build a new website through which to showcase and sell all of this's quite the challenge, but one that I find I'm relishing the prospect of...

It feels good to be building, rather than dismantling...


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