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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Day 155 - Walk the Line

another afternoon slacking

This afternoon, having spent a couple of hours sorting through 900 photos from my 50@50, sifting the wheat from the chaff, I was ready for some outdoor action.

I've been waiting for an opportunity to try setting up the slackline I got for my birthday (thanks 'Stina and Louise!), and sometime mid afternoon I realised that today was that day!

Of course, Try Slacklining is on my list of challenges for the year...I feel as though I'm a bit behind with them...but that may be just because I'm a little behind on them.

Some I've failed on already...I'm not going to Florida now, so I won't get the chance to swim with dolphins now, (although I'm really hoping that Anna will)...

My other two blogs have fallen by the wayside, as this one has taken over my life somewhat...I haven't managed to keep up with my weekly blog, nor with my weekly Thanks You's and Presents...I'd like to say I haven't had time, but I've found time to do this blog...although in fairness, they did take up huge chunks of both time and mental capacity.

But still, I do feel a little ashamed to have let these two go.  

I must think about reviving them in some form, maybe get up to twelve posts, to round it out to  on per month...hmm there's a thought. 

Anyway today it was a beautiful early Summer's day, and I wanted to spend some time outside...and I also wanted to explore possibilities for setting up the slackline in the garden. 

With the judicious use of a few bits of climbing gear (some rigging rope and a screwgate 'biner), and a little experimentation, I eventually managed to get a functional slackline up and running. 

Slackline's are similar to tightropes, only, you know, they're slack, not tight (do you see what they did there?)...

You can progress to do all sorts of tricks (if you look on Youtube you'll find video's of people doing somersaults and all sorts on them), but initially, just getting on is challenging enough.  

After faffing around for some time trying to get the tension right, I realised my slackline is a bit too long, so I improvised with an old kitchen chair I found in the shed. 

The slackline is pretty stable near the end, but as you get towards the middle it wobbles wildly, making it very difficult to relax (which is exactly what you need to do)...

To be honest, I didn't make too much progress beyond this, and I clearly need to reconsider the chair situation...

Mostly, though, I'm now waiting for Anna to come home so I have someone to play with!

Still, another challenge completed!


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