In which I take a photo every day that I'm 50, and post it here on this blog, with a bit of related blurb.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Day 345 - Shoddy Snaps

crap photo # 1

The light was amazing when I got up early this morning, so I immediately took some photo's with my phone.

I suppose I should have gone to get the camera...but it was early, I was tired, it was cold, I wanted to get on with some work (I know, right?!)...

So anyway I just rattled off a few shots on my phone, none of which did the morning any sort of justice at all...that'll learn me!

On the subject of failed and/or poor quality photo's, this afternoon I tried to get a shot of The Boy Wonder playing with his big yellow snake...

crap photo # 2

This time I managed to fail on several counts...glare on the lens from the low sun, too slow a shutter speed for such a bouncy dog, generally horrible framing...when I tell you that this was the best of the dozen or so photo's I took, you'll perhaps understand just how bad they were on average...

They were (again) taken on my phone though, so contrary to what I said above, apparently that won't learn me!

It seems it's getting harder to get a decent photo for the blog, so it's perhaps as well that there's only another 20 posts to go after this one...

It's probably cheating a bit, but I'll flesh this post out with this amazing video that Top Commenter Andy sent me a link to...

This video blew me away...such maturity in both her singing and her guitar playing, for one so young...although i
n fairness, I guess she's probably a little older than she looks to me (me being an old fart and all (although not quite such an old fart as Andy :-p )).

But still, wonderfully tasteful, restrained and classy jazz...

Very much reminds me of the first time I saw Eva Cassidy playing and singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Thanks for the intro Andy!


PS Oy, Isham - are you seriously refusing to come to see me for my birthday??


  1. Why anyone would want a boring old fart like me at their birthday do is un mistoire. I guess I'll make everybody look younger and more interesting though, so how could I refuse?

    1. You're my Top Commenter, I need documentary evidence (i.e. pic for the last blog post!)... :-)

  2. Ps Actually that's not a bad idea: hiring myself out to make other people feel better about themselves. Now, where are those purple flares?