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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Day 332 - Home From Home

moving in

Having finally finished with my previous job last week, I now feel at liberty to start to talk about my new one, which I started today.

I don't know why I felt the need to separate them so definitively...but I strongly did.  I felt that I had to give my complete focus to my old role until it was done, and only then start to look forward in any specific detail to the new one.

It would have felt a bit like getting emotionally involved in a new relationship, before the old one was over.

So I've given it a respectable 3 days to mourn the demise of my old work life, and now I'm free to really get involved in a new work life. 

Above is my virgin corner of the office, with me partially moved in...for continuity, you can see the same mug, similarly plenished with coffee, as in my photo from last week...

I'm delighted to say that there is no clear desk policy, and the only hot desks are those next to radiators!

The guys there have done a great job of joining two smaller offices and a corridor into the lovely open space you can see here:

open office

The company, Quatropi Ltd, are furniture retailers, and whilst most of their business is done over the 'net, there are a series of small showrooms dotted around the large warehouse which acts as their central HQ.

Here's a large room showcasing some of their dining sets, along with some artwork, lighting and other accessories:


An ingenious method of creating further showroom space was to erect a marquee tent in a corner of the warehouse, complete with appropriate lighting, and high quality imitation grass and small trees.  This space is used to display some of the garden furniture range.


This next room is having something of an identity you can see, it's been in use as a furniture and games room, and indeed is where Jools and I had that noisy jam earlier in the year...


Of course it's not all fun and games...lurking behind the gloss is a big ol' dirty great warehouse...

climbing frame

There are rows and rows of racks and racking, boxes of all shapes and sizes stacked right up to the ceiling in many's like an Aladdin's Cave, full to the brim of all sorts of interesting stuff...none of which you can see in this shot of a single, fairly tidy but not utterly rammed aisle:

down the aisle

Maybe I'll return at a later date with a post about some of the weird and wonderful items that can be found in a variety of corners of this amazing space.

building # q1

In the meantime, here's a final shot (above) of my new home from home...perhaps not the most salubrious of places...

But that's easily made up for in the bags of character to be found within these walls. 

I'm looking forward to getting to know the place better.


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