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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Day 323 - Come By


Having failed to learn any lessons yesterday, today was rainy and overcast, so I decided not to take the camera along for our mid-morning sojourn down the lane...and so of course it didn't rain, and we saw plenty to photograph!

As it happened, there were sheepdog trials under way in the field opposite, under a roiling sky, so of course we wandered in for a nose.  

Despite there being lots of people, cars, dogs, and inevitably, loads and loads of poo, Robin was very well behaved, even lying down whilst we were watching the dog above do his thing...although this could have been a ruse to get his nose (and mouth!) a little closer to the poo...

The sheepdogs were very impressive, as always...the one above didn't make any mistakes, and before long, he had his sheep securely penned, on the first attempt.

goal (or something)

Incidentally, the grey mondeo parked ignominiously in the middle of the field contains the judges - it wasn't simply inconsiderate parking!

Perhaps the best news I have to report is that we finally bumped into Andy the local shepherd, who we haven't seen for may remember that he's the owner of my friend Frankie.

You may also remember that we were concerned that Frankie might have laminitis, and when he'd disappeared from the orchard, and we couldn't find him anywhere, we feared the worst.

As it turns out, it wasn't laminitis, but a large nail that had somehow got stuck in his foot!

Frankie is happily alive and well, and in a field in a nearby village, where he's being brought on by a local girl...apparently he is coming on nicely, and they are hoping he will be ridable by Andy's grandchildren by next year.

Finally, I think Loz is starting to get a bit of a thing for Robin.

monkey on his back

This morning she hopped off my lap, walked up to Robin, and sat within a few inches of his face, gazing at him and purring contentedly. 

He was marginally concerned that she was making a claim on his Monkey (his favourite thing in the world, which he uses as a bit of a comfort blanket), but his response gave no cause for concern.

He'd be no good as a sheepdog though, despite his intelligence...he's quite a low energy dog (phew!), and has definitely been having a Sunday today...lazing around with no ambition for anything other than having a dozy day.

I know how he feels!


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