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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Day 362 - Musical Muse

shoal of raindrops

I'm not sure what happened with this photo...but I quite like it, and in any case, it typifies my journey home this evening - it pretty much did look like this the whole way!

It is getting trickier to get a Photo of the Day, when I'm working long hours, and very busy at work...I don't get home until dark, and I've already photographed pretty much everything in the house at least once!

So (you may have noticed?!) I'm taking any opportunity I can get...

This evening I was sitting waiting for the traffic lights, halfway's a nice place, quite picturesque - it's where recent pictures of cormorants and buzzards were taken!

But at this time of day, you can't see the river, or the trees, or the open fields, or the horses, or the numerous waterfowl that I regularly see in the mornings...all you can see are red and white lights and glare - it's almost the opposite of daytime.

I don't mind the drive though, even though conditions are horrible - I'm on winding country roads in the dark and in the rain, and there's lots of traffic, and numerous junctions and bottlenecks to negotiate. 

But I know the route reasonably well, I'm comfortable with my driving skills, and I don't rush too much (though I do get a bit of a hustle on now and then) I can relax, listen to the radio, and let my mind wander.

I'm going to try to come up with productive things I can do on the books are one option, as are Podcasts...I've even considered buying a harmonica and jamming along to some blues on my way home.

I'm not sure I could do blues in the sing and play the blues in the evening, about the morning...waking up in the morning is what the blues are all about!

But I have found myself thinking about music a lot on my homeward drive, and I really do want to make it a priority next year.  I want to get stuck in to my looper, get my electric guitar going, and write and record some songs and grooves.  

Actually, I really do feel as though I've got my musical muse with me at the moment...sitting here typing, I have a great bluesy groove running through my head that I'd love to develop. 

There's no way I'll remember it by the time I get a guitar in my hands...

Yep, my muse was just interrupted for dinner, so now (an hour or so since I wrote the previous sentence), I have absolutely no clue what that riff was...

Still, the point is, I feel like being musical...I want to spend some of the time I get back through not having to blog daily, reviving my musical inclinations. 

I want to get Rock Band set up again (the game on the xbox, using my electronic drum kit) so I can drum along with the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Smashing Pumpkins...I really miss that!

I want to get my home recording studio really sorted, so that I can play, and practise, and jam, and groove, and record. 

I want to buy a bass guitar and start to play it properly...

Oh yeah, the muse is really with me just now...

I hope it lingers long enough for me to have time to indulge it a little!


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