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Friday, 12 December 2014

Day 363 - Good Friday


Having finished work for the week, I'm now free to focus on the downhill ride all the way to the end of this 365 day long series of blog posts...and I'm really ready to get my freedy neet on!

Maisie featured predominantly in the very beginning of this blog - in fact she was the star of the Photo of the Day for the first two I wanted to include her here in the last few days, to nicely bookend the whole thing.

But it turns out that getting a decent photo of her is quite a challenge...good photography is all about good light, and getting good light on a shiny black animal is not easy!

And in truth, cute as she is, Maisie isn't particularly photogenic - quirky little three-legged, runny-eyed furball that she is.

not amused

I absolutely love her to bits, but I can't get a decent shot of her for love nor least in this one, you can see that she's looking at me with the appropriate amount of disdain.

She wasn't interested in the beads and baubles and pine cones that I scattered about to tempt her to fact she really found the whole episode tiresome, and it was an effort to keep her attention.

treat me!

Even the lure of a tasty treat was only briefly interesting, and to be honest, she really just wanted to get it eaten and get the hell outta there.

I know how she feels!  

I'm so near the end of the blog now, and it's been an amazing, eye-opening, deeply satisfying ride...but now I'm on the last lap, and it's hard to keep stumbling on, a word at a time...I'm really running on empty at this point!

I still have so much to say, and there's masses of stuff that I've steered clear of...subjects that can't be covered adequately in a few hundred words, or in a squeezed hour or two of a single evening...

Yet at the same time, I'm almost out of small talk, and I'm hoping that sheer momentum will carry me through these last couple of days.

To help that momentum grease the wheels, as it were, there's this:

something for the weekend

Now I'm not a big drinker, as you know...but this weekend, the usual rules do not apply!

I'm in party mode and in a party mood...anyone who's reading this is welcome tomorrow, at our house (in the corner of our field), at any time, to join me in a tipple to celebrate the completion of what turned out to be the challenge of my year, the 5oh1aday blog.  As a special bonus, you also get your photo on the final post on Sunday!

I'm so excited, it's reminiscent of finishing my 50@50 back in May - the sense of accomplishment, to be completing a tough challenge after a long and arduous journey.

The fact that there's no real point to it, no wider benefit to the world, is missing the point. 

I did this for the best reason in the world...

Just because!


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