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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Day 329 - Windows Wiper

taking care?

Of all the questions I was asked during my last day at work (yesterday), the most frequent was, "So when do you start your new job?"

"Tuesday...", I informed enquirers, as I have a prior engagement on Monday...

So how come I found myself up at 7am this morning, mildly hungover, starting work on my new job?!

Having handed back my previous laptop before I left yesterday, I have a new laptop for my new job, which was delivered a couple of days ago, and I hadn't had an opportunity to unpack it.  

As is typical of most laptops these days, it came with Windows 8.1...

I'm really not a fan of Windows 8 (or 8.1)'s primarily designed for touch screens, which I don't want in a laptop, and this laptop hasn't got.  The interface seems to be dumbed down to a level that I find frustrating. 

All that said, I'd not actually tried Windows 8.1, and I was aware that Microsoft had made a few changes in an attempt to pacify the naysayers, so I figured I'd load it up and play with it for a while and see how I got on.

I lasted about ten minutes before I set about wiping it in preparation of installing Windows 7.

taking care of business

Windows 8.1 really was as immediately frustrating and annoying as its predecessor, so by about 8.30am this morning, I'd reviewed and rejected Windows 8.1, and installed comfortable, familiar and perfectly functional Windows 7 in its place.

Windows 7 runs very nicely on this PC, and so far I'm very pleased with the laptop itself.

Not so happy that my 3 day break before jumping into the new role lasted about 7 hours, but there you go - I choose instead to take it as a measure of my enthusiasm for challenges ahead!


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