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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Day 334 - Mo' Mushrooms

got room for these

Having overdosed on the dog photo's recently, my focus will naturally now shift to Quatropi for decent blog-fodder...I'll start to overdose on that instead.

It occurred to me that rather than cram a load of weird and wonderful stuff into one blog post, I should eke it out a bit...there are so many interesting things there that it should probably last me until the end of this blog series!

I also learned that I need to take the DSLR camera with me...the lighting isn't great inside a warehouse at this time of year, and it really shows up my phone camera's weaknesses.

This afternoon when I went photo hunting around the warehouse, I came across several gorgeous trembesi wood items.  Commonly known as the Rain Tree, the wood is dense and heavy, and the furniture made with it has remarkable character.

I have no idea what the mushrooms are for, but I really like them...and they're one of the few items in stock that would actually fit in our little house!

This lovely coffee table would take up half the lounge, for example...

not mushroom for this

These photo's don't do them justice at all...they look fairly ordinary here, whereas in RealLife (TM), they are quite striking.

I also found another side table and some smaller end tables.

mo' tables

I could probably fit the small tables in...and maybe the thing on top, whatever that is!

Anywho, I'll try to get some better photo's over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I'm sure you're all missing The Boy Wonder, having not had a photo of him posted for what must by now be several days.

Here he is demonstrating his exemplary self control:


On each forepaw, there is a biscuit treat.  He's been told to "Leave it", and is looking at me for permission to proceed.   

There is a hint of stress around his eyes - which is because I'd spent ages making him wait, then deciding to take a photo, so getting my phone out, unlocking it, opening the camera app, and messing with settings...I think he was becoming concerned that I'd forgotten!

Still, what a good Boy (Wonder!) he is...despite his issues with food snatching and stealing, when specifically told not to take something, his self control is very good, and he's very willing to please. 

Good Boy Wonder!


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