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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Day 348 - Mist-eerie-ous Ent


It was a beautifully atmospheric, foggy, November morning when I arose this morning, although my perspective was possibly biased by the fact that I was working from home today, and therefore didn't need to go out driving cross-country through it...

In any case, I loved the look of the leafless, skeletal trees in the misty damp morning this case I particularly like the ivy (or whatever evergreen it is) that is wrapped around the main trunk...the tree looks like an Ent, waving his long arms in the air, and wearing a nice thick puffy coat, to protect him from the winter chill...

Whilst perched on the planting trough outside our lounge window, trying to get a clear shot of the misty tree, I noticed a pair of Eurasian collared doves in the tree in next door's garden.

nice collar

Typically, the two doves that were there were constantly hassling each other, and flapping about the tree noisily...I didn't get a single decent shot after this, the first one.

However, I then noticed a great spotted woodpecker on the peanut feeder lower down the same tree...


I took about a dozen shots of him, but at no point did he move around the feeder to provide me with a decent view...but at least there's enough to show that it is indeed a great spotted woodpecker!

At lunchtime I took The Boy Wonder up to the woods to retrieve the trailcam, which had been up there for a few days by now.

It was another successful mission, capturing several new species on video, as well as some old friends...when I have an hour or two to spare over the next few days, I'll mix the highlights into another short youtube movie, and put up a bonus post...

I think there's a tendency to think that the British countryside is fairly dull, as we have no significant predators any more...but I hope my blog demonstrates that there's incredible diversity of life all around.

I've been living and walking out in the woods and fields daily for years, and it's fair to say that it takes a few years to start to tune in to the wildlife that is in evidence.  Every passing year, I see more and more, read the signs better, intuit what I might see where more effectively (Anna is brilliant at this...).

However, it's taken the dozens of species I've managed to actually photograph this year, to really demonstrate to me the full breadth and depth of what's out there.

I really must compile a list as a sort of feature post, and a log of the many and varied species we've seen.

In't all this wildlife brilliant!?


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