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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day 148 - Mad Cow (Parsley)

road to nowhere

I love the explosion of jungle that we get at this time of year...

These few brief weeks of late Spring, when plant growth seems exponential, and fresh green foliage bursts out of everything...

Unfortunately, my sinuses have joined the fray - productivity levels appear to have been raised considerably, in order to boost output...I don't know what's happening, this is about the fourth cold type episode I've had in succession...I've spent more of this year with blocked sinuses and a runny nose than without! 

I'm telling you all that to both give the impression of having something to talk about (when actually I'm somewhat braindead), and also to excuse my lack of having anything to talk about (because I'm somewhat braindead).

Really, my mind has just sort of stalled, and I find myself sitting staring blankly at the screen with (I presume) a vacant look on my face.

It doesn't help that we went bouldering this afternoon - Anna's last chance for a workout before her holiday.   We climbed quite well, but I was tired and ran low on energy very quickly.   Now my body wants to go into that semi-comatose state that follows strenuous activity (and high levels of physical tiredness), and this has the effect of drawing my mental state along with it. 

Body and mind - you can't separate them!  Well, you could, but it's often short-sighted (if not downright foolish) to try. 

Anyway back to the plot (as if there even is one!) this time of year we have a short window where the cow parsley that grows all along the narrow verges either side of our lane blossoms, shortly after the year's major growth spurt. 

For a little while, you can't see round the bend, there's nowhere to go if a car comes by (fortunately a rarity, as the lane is a no-through road), and the air is pungent with flowery perfume.

Sometime in the next week or two, the farmer who lives down at the bottom of the valley, will bring his hedgerow-trimmer/verge-mower up and down the lane, and cut it all down.   

I realised that this is all a familiar cycle to me know, having experienced it for the last seven or eight years, so I was pleased to get an opportunity to capture it here.

Whilst out walking Jazz, I also tried to get a shot of this lovely oak tree, when the sun briefly graced us with its warmth and light.


Unfortunately, I was too close to the tree, and I only had a prime lens with me (that is, a fixed lens with no zoom capability).  Still, I like the shot anyway...because, you know, green!

Anyway there you go, that's about all my cold-addled brain can manage tonight.  It's taken me about three hours just to write this much, although that did include eating my dinner and watching the finals of the latest round of the bouldering World Cup...

Yay, Shauna! 


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