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Friday, 23 May 2014

Day 160 - Ninja Cat

balance it is...

Maisie has never been the most cooperative of cats, nor the most photogenic...

But then I suppose those qualities sit well with her ninja proclivities.

Anna is in Florida, playing with dolphins and whatnot (so she say - I've yet to see pics, despite promises), but of course she's missing the animals here all the same.   When we Skype, Jazz and Loz are usually lurking somewhere around me, but Maisie is never to be seen. 

As a true ninja, it wouldn't do, to be hanging around in broad daylight being seen and everything!

No, Maisie lurks in the shadows, upstairs out of the way...resting ahead of whatever her latest ninja mission might be. 

So Anna hasn't seen her since going away, and therefore requested a photo.   As I was short of precisely one photo for the day, I went and found Maisie snoozing on the bed in the spare bedroom.  I only had one real chance at a getting a good photo - as soon as she's awake enough, she'll just follow me around, looking for a hand to rub her face on...and getting far too close to the camera in the process. 

I just caught the photo above at the last second...none of the subsequent 20 or so I took were any good, as she was always blurry and getting in too in this one, for example:

thanks Maisie, helpful
Anna came up with several potential scenario's; Cat in a Hat...Cat in a Bag...Cat in Another Bag!   Whilst these are all desirable, for the ongoing Cat in a Bag series if nothing else, they're not the kind of photo you can capture on demand!

Not with a ninja cat, anyway. 

Maybe with a trained (read: brainwashed) performing cat, like those they apparently have in Key West...but not with a true blood, old skool, ninja cat like our Maise...


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