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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Day 165 - No Horse With a Name

keep up, puny human

Jazz and I went on a mission to find Frankie this evening. 

It seems to have been raining for several days now, and it's been wet and damp for a few weeks, so we haven't been over to where Frankie was pastured.   But I've been asked for news of "the horse" a few times now, and my conscience was pricking at me a little. 

So we girded our loins and headed off to the woods on the hill behind us.  I wasn't sure how far Jazz would get, but as we started up the hill in the woods he became lively and excited.

He even cantered past me at one point - the first time he's done that in months!

Four legs are much better than two on difficult terrain...claws help in mud too!  This path is on a steady incline, rising gently up the hillside through the woods.  It's really boggy at the moment, welly-sucking wet, and I struggled to keep pace with the old dog.

We got to the Orchard and I scanned the field for signs of Frankie.


There was no sign of him down the field, or even any signs of recent activity, and nothing higher up the meadow either.


On the Manorial estate there is an old Coach House, with a central courtyard surrounded by stables.   I've only stuck my nose in there a couple of times, and it always looks used, but there's never been any horses in there when I've looked.  

I didn't think that the shepherd would have the option of stabling Frankie there, but figured we'd go and have a look, just to remove doubt. 

On the way we passed one of the old sheep fields, with these glorious trees with dark pink blossom:

no Frankies

I don't know what they are (I expect Anna will tell me), but these photo's don't do them justice...when Anna brings the DSLR back I'll head over and try for something better, whilst they're so beautifully in bloom. 

Anyway, Frankie wasn't in with the sheep either.   I wandered over to the coach house and as there was nobody about, I sidled closer to see what I could see.   I'm not sure if I'm trespassing, or whether I'm allowed access because I live in one of the estate cottages...but what the heck, nobody was looking so I snuck in there. 

Sadly the stables are empty, as usual.

sans Frankie

The "Lord of the Manor" lives elsewhere, but his daughter and her family live in the main house on the estate...they have a couple of horses, and I suspect they use the stables...but their horses will be outside at this time of year.  

Frankie must be convalescing elsewhere...I will look out for the shepherd and ask him what's happening when I see him...I'll let you know.

As this is a photo-heavy blog post, I'll round it out with this nice shot I took on the way back, of the little ornamental canal just over the road. 

can't lead a horse...

Not the greatest photo, I know, but it's a pretty place, even in the rain...

The good news is that Jazz managed the walk ok - that was the furthest he's walked for a while, and he coped reasonably well.   

Of course, he's sparko and snoring on the floor behind me now...

That's my boy...


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