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Monday, 19 May 2014

Day 156 - Busman's Holiday

three come along at once

Today is the first actual holiday day of!

The point is, it's my first day of not working on a day on which I would normally be that any clearer?  If not, it probably won't help when I mention that I was working all day today...

Am I confusing you?  I'm a little fuzzy myself, to be honest!

You see, this is what happens when you work on your holidays...everything goes a smidgeon off-kilter!

The thing is, my bro' has a booming business importing furniture, and I'm using a couple of days of my leave to go and sort a bunch of his PC's out...I usually do a few odds and ends for him now and then.

Of course with his business booming, I'm sure he could afford to pay an actual professional to do the work - but he's a cool brother and he knows I can use the spare cash, so he always gives me the option of doing the work if I want to, and have time.

As Anna and I had just decided that I should stay with Jazz rather than go to Florida, I had a load of time booked off with no plans, so it seemed inevitable...and I was very happy to do it for him, of course...right up until the point where I had to get up on my first Monday morning off from my proper job, and go to work!

Should've thought that one through, planned it a little better! 

Still, Jools is off to Mallorca in a couple of days and it would be useful to get this done before then, so I shall work through the evening tonight and tomorrow and get all these laptops that I brought home with me sorted out. 

As I was sitting here writing this, and working on one of the laptops, and doing a few other bits and bobs (why yes, I can multitask, thank you!), there came an insistent, demanding miaow from behind me.

I turned around to find that Jazz and Loz had joined forces in the hope that their combined psychic nagging powers might be enough to jolt me into action...

Apparently, it worked, as I've now realised that it's feeding time at the zoo, and the menagerie are getting rowdy...

I'd best get on...more exciting tales tomorrow!

I bet you can't wait, eh?


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