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Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 149 - He Who Leafs Last

leafs longest?

I haven't really worked out what my thing is, with photography. 

As today, for example, trees crop up a do animals...and landscapes...and climbing...even flowers, weirdly.  Random household objects too, although that's often because I haven't come across an interesting photo opp that day, and I'm in a bit of a hole.

The colour green seems ever-present, and so does the colour red.

In fact, my life appears to consist mainly of animals, plants, and red objects in green environments...and that climbing thing, of course. 

One day, I am going to tally up all the people, animals and places that get mentioned, and see what's what...that'll be an interesting exercise!

(or is that just me?!)

I reckon Maisie and Jazz will be front runners in the Most Photographed stakes.

Anyway, all of the sheep are gone from the field, and re-housed over the way.  I say re-housed, re-fielded would be more accurate...although they have got a marquee, so it's not that much of a stretch!

Their departure left Jazz and I free to wander their vacated pasture. 

Jazz loves it when the sheep are gone, because their field is chock full of tasty poo.   Not only that, but it comes in a nice variety of shapes, sizes and textures...from old, dried and crispy, to still a little chewy...from potato sized chunks to tiny lamb-drops...and a few others to boot (I try not to get too closely involved!).

Wandering across the field I was struck how the whole of the hedgerow ahead of me seems to be exclusively dotted with Ash trees, none of which are yet in leaf.  

This was in stark contrast to the hedgerow to my right, which has oak, chestnut, sycamore and more...and is fully in leaf:

mo' green

The first photo looks like it could be late Autumn, or even late Winter...whereas the second photo is unmistakeably late Spring/early Summer. 

Apparently ash trees often leaf last...makes me wonder whether he who leafs last, leafs longest?! 

Ash trees are currently under threat, though, from the Chalara Dieback outbreak.   A fungus that is fatal to ash trees is in the wild in the UK, and it has been reported within a few miles of here. 

However, so far there's no reason to suppose that the lack of foliage is anything other than a reasonably normal late flush...although these usually occur following a harsh Winter...whereas the Winter we're just leaving behind was incredibly mild for the most part... 

Hmm, the times, they are a-changin', I'm telling ya...rapid climate change is on the way, and we have no idea where that'll take us.

Still, it's going to be an interesting ride!


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