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Monday, 26 May 2014

Day 163 - Drizerable Day

rock gear

Typical glorious English Summer Bank Holiday weather today!

(Please note the epic amount of sarcasm dripping from the word glorious...)

It started off dry and mild, so my plan was to take the clippers to my hair, pop to the garage to get petrol and 2-stroke oil for the strimmer (and milk for the coffee), then mow the lawns and strim around the garden a bit more. 

If the sun came out to any degree, I would nip down the lane and have another look at that tree I'm going to climb...

All went well until I went to the garage - by which time it was starting to rain lightly.  Although it had all the characteristics of a brief summer shower, it demonstrated once again how much I know about anything at all, and settled in for the day. 

It's late afternoon now, still raining, and very wet out there...although the rain has been fairly light, in the main, it has now been persisting for several hours.

It's very much the definitive drizerable day.

Drizerable is a word combining drizzling and miserable, and very much describes a day like today.  Don't bother looking the word up, I made it up...having said that, I just looked it up (yeah, yeah, sue me, whatevs...) and it seems Lil Nicki is also claiming authorship...

Shame Nicki can't spell...the word is mine!


Anyway, nefarious plagiarism aside, fortunately, I had a backup plan (and a preferable one at that, yay rain!)...

Another entry on my list of challenges for the year is to build home music studio, and I realised today was a good opportunity to make some progress.

So I rearranged our spare bedroom (the Rock Room), and spent some time tidying and organising gear, and setting up the basics of my music studio.

In the photo above, you can see:

  • Headphones
  • Stereo Amplifier
  • Vocal Processor
  • 10:2 Mixing Desk
  • DI Box
  • Microphones x 2
  • Guitar Processor
  • Loop Station
  • Bass Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Electronic Drum Kit
  • Digital Audio Workstation (PC!)
  • Virtual Sequencer
  • Virtual Mixer

Now all I need is a Sound Engineer (who would understand how all these work), a competent Musician (who could play all these instruments convincingly), and a Producer (who could bring creative genius and musical ideas), and I'll be good to go!

rock gear

This photo is taken from the opposite diagonal of the Rock you can see how well named it is!

Thanks, I'm here all week!


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