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Friday, 7 February 2014

Day 54b - Big Birds

(not this one)

This isn't today's post...this is a bonus post, you lucky people! 

As I was so busy yesterday, I asked Anna if she'd mind taking a few shots around the garden, as I needed an image for the blog.   Secretly I was intrigued at what she'd come up with, being more skilled an experienced a photographer than I.

Sure enough, despite some camera software issues, Anna caught a handful of really nice, atmospheric shots.

Here, a sparrow perches on the edge of the hedgerow, on a grey, wintry day.   Somehow Anna has captured the damp stillness of a bleak day in the countryside...

Great composition.

The next two are not the most amazing photographs, but they do demonstrate the skill of opportunism - critical in wildlife photography, or so it seems to me.

Anna was sitting on the sofa in the lounge, as we discussed the various buttons, features and functions of the camera, when one of our local buzzards flew by.   Showing amazing reaction, Anna quickly took a shot, and caught this beautiful profile of a raptor in flight (click on the picture to see it full size).

buteo buteo

Dashing outside for a better view, Anna then managed to capture two buzzards in the same shot! 

buteo buteo, buteo buteo

Consider how fast a buzzard passes by when cruising like this, and then consider how long it takes to point a camera, focus, take a shot, jump up, rush to the front door, open it, go outside, spot the buzzards again, point, focus, snap...

Seriously that's quite a remarkable feat, isn't it?

No?  I'd like to see you do better...


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