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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Day 66 - Get Your Kicks

on day 66

Honestly, work is just mad at the moment.  I was in by about 8.30 this morning, and left at 8.30 this evening.   The only break I had was to nip to Sainsbury's for a job lot of cakes.

My team have been under the cosh a little lately...we've had one or two crises to attend to (not of our own making, I hasten to add!), and I've had to ask a lot of my staff.

They've been great, willing, engaged, proactive and as a manager, just what I'd want from my team.

As a small gesture, I went to buy some goodies to keep everyone sweet (do you see what I did there?).   £20 buys a lot of cake, as it turns out.   It felt a little like we were attempting to corner the world market... 

As it further turned out, we really needed the sugar, as everything went crazy all over again, mid-afternoon.

This evening, as a group of us gathered in the War Room, I remembered that there would probably be some doughnuts or pastries left in the kitchen, so went off to requisition them.

There was almost nothing left... 

I'm too scared to do the maths on the person:cake ratio...but even as I say that, my eye wanders up to the photo and my brain starts calculating...

In order to distract myself, I've focussed back on the writing, but now my mind is vaguely counting how many I had myself, through the day...

Hmm really going to have to turn my thoughts away from that one!

I'd better just sign off before my brain has a seizure from the frantic calculations, powered by a ridiculous amount of sugar.

Ooh, I know...I'll do a spot of self hypnosis, use the power of suggestion on myself...

the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie

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