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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Day 67 - Braindead

a picture

HDR photo's can be quite nice, dramatic even...but sometimes they don't look much like the original.

Obviously, because today has a "day" in the name, work was demanding.   I needed to be in by 7.30 at the latest, and, you know, who needs more than 5 hours sleep?

So this morning, I was heading out at 7am, bleary eyed, when I noticed the sunrise.   I stopped the car as I crossed the bridge over our little stream, stepped out, and ran off a few shots.

I knew the composition was dodgy, but I was where I was, you know?  But the lighting was very different.   To me at the time, it seemed clear and cold and bright, and sunrise was predominantly pink.  Whereas in my photo, the impression is more wild and warm and dark.

They're building a house a mile down our (single track) lane, so there're all these huge construction lorries reversing up and down all day.   They are totally destroying the place...breaking the road up, churning up the verges, dumping huge amounts of mud everywhere.   

All the sweat and toil I spend keeping the verge looking nice, and it's just getting trashed.  I've no idea how, or even if we can bring it back into some sort of shape....once all this rain has passed and we've had some time for the water table to sink a bit, anyway. 

I've just calculated that after only 3 days, I'm less than a handful of hours shy of my weekly quota...and I have to be in early again tomorrow.  I know some people routinely work very long hours...but I don't!

My brain is really giving up at this point...I think it's curled up in a corner somewhere, sobbing quietly.  That sounds fairly tempting, actually...I might go join it.

Anyway, I've no idea what I'm waffling on about.

Honestly...I'm clinically braindead at this point.

I'll shut up.


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