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Friday, 14 February 2014

Day 61 - Mister God

this is Anna

I thought I was out of the game for a bit there - 11pm and I still hadn't got a picture for the day!

Then my eye fell upon this book that I've been trying to read for a while...and I realised that it's fully deserving of a mention here.

It's the true story (for whatever that's worth) of a mysterious young girl named Anna (aged 4), who comes into the lives of a poor family, with enormous impact.  She has sharp intelligence, and a simple yet incisive view of humanity, society, religion and the world. 

I bought the book for Anna, for fairly obvious reasons.   Anna really enjoyed it and recommended it to me, saying I'd enjoy it too (but also because she wants to talk about it).

I read half of it in one sitting, a couple of months ago, and haven't got back to it since. I've been so busy lately, and I've found that I hesitate to pick it up, fearing I don't have the time to do it justice...and it's not the kind of book I want to rush.

The natural, profound wisdom that emanates from Anna deserves more attention than a fleeting glance.  

Although the book is written in very clear and simple language, it has a warmth and depth that should be savoured, and pondered upon, and mulled over.

Traditionally, when we go to Spain, I read a book each day.  I have no time to indulge ordinarily, and if I get lost in a book, I tend to lose track of time.  Before I know it, I've fallen into a pattern of reading to the exclusion of other things that really do need attention, like eating and sleeping.  

Consequently, I rarely read now when at home (other than the internet, which I think I've nearly finished...).

So a trip to Spain is a welcome luxury in this regard.

Whilst we are planning to climb quite a bit on our imminent holiday, there'll still be downtime.  

Mr God, This is Anna will be a lovely, mellow, thoughtful read between bouts of strenuous activity.

You should read it too, it'll make you rethink one or two things...

Go on, challenge your preconceptions, I dare you...


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