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Monday, 17 February 2014

Day 65 - FFS, Google

how do you spell grrrr?

This has been niggling away at me for a while.   And, truth be told, I've been saving it for a day when I'm really short of time...I was in work by 7.20 this morning, and I sent the last work mail of the day about half an hour ago (it's just after 10pm). 

So tonight, I'm tired, and I'm keeping it short and sweet.  

Well, short, anyway.



So, to the point...what the fuck, Google?!  

Let me get this straight...the Google blogging service is called Blogger.  The main website is   The URL of my personal blog is  Virtually every page has a button on it that says, "View blog".

And then I find that your helpful spell checker software in your editing interface objects to words like, oh I don't know, BLOG?!?!! 

Those of you who know me, will probably agree that I can be a bit of a pedant.  Some even go so far as to label me with the charge of Grammar Nazi (cough Aaron cough).

Despite my apparent love for the colour red, I don't like that red squiggle that appears underneath words that Google in its infinite wisdom deems incorrect, even though it sounds a bit like a red squirrel.  

And funnily enough, the word "blog" crops up fairly often in a daily whatchama call it, what's that thing again, thingummy wotsit,

oh yes, it's called a fucking blog!!

Thanks for that, you know, listening and what-not.   

I feel better.

I really do...

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