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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day 228b - Fun Times

We had a busy and adventurous weekend, as you will have seen from previous blogposts.

On both days we took quite a few videos, which I bunged up onto Youtube, and then had a play with the simple video editing facilities.   It's not a perfect system by a long stretch, but at least it's possible to rapidly edit a few clips into one, and put some backing music on it. 

The video above took literally 10 minutes to edit the four short clips together, add some music and a bit of video post-processing, to end up with a nice little memento of our 'boarding fun.   

The clip ends somewhat abruptly (there's no fade feature!), but for 10 minutes work, I'm really happy with it.

This next video took an hour or two, but turned out equally well.   With climbing video's it's imperative that you edit out all the pre-climb faffing about, and cut really tightly to the climbing.  And of the course the addition of text, some short clips, many more transitions and several music tracks all added to the editing time. 

But in both cases, the finished clips capture something of the essence of the days adventures.

Fun Times!


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