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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 215 - Rejuvenation

jesus christ pose

Our spectacularly inept drainage contractors reached a magnificent new high (or a suicidally depressing low, depending on your mindset) today...

The day started badly...their first action was to start randomly chopping off major branches from the lilac tree that we'd been faithfully promised, by all concerned, would not be damaged. 

When I confronted them about it, they claimed not to have been told...

By lunchtime, they had surpassed even this world class incompetence...

Chatting to our neighbours last night about how they were going to be cutting and digging through the hedge today, Dave (next door, a builder) predicted that they would probably cut through the power supply to our houses, which fairly obviously runs along the line of hedgerow they're going through...

Sure enough, I arrived home this evening to find a legion of Electricity Board cars and vans out on the verge, and a garden full of a new lot of contractors, digging furiously into the hedgerow.

It turns out the idiot farm labourers (which I'm sure is what they are - definitely farm labourers anyway) cut through the main cables (in accordance with Prophecy), so a fairly lengthy and involved repair process was under way.  

typical garden scene

At this point we don't know whether to laugh or cry (probably hysterically in either case!).

To escape, we went over to the meadow with Jazz, which we were pleased to find void of tractor for the first time in in we went to play with hay stuff!!

First, we found this giant hamster wheel, which I think is used, on its base, to house hay for sheep...but it was much more fun sideways on!

I tried running in it, but found I really needed a hill to do it justice...

rat race

The next obvious thing to try was to climb it (natch)...

blithe and elephant

Of course, Anna always looks so much more lithe and elegant than me (which I think might be down to the fact that's she's just way more lithe and elegant than me? Just a theory...).

lithe and elegant

Then I had to go for a second upside down shot for my ongoing 2 part (so far) series of me being upside down, which has been, of course, a solid and timeless tradition (in that I've spent no time on it) around these parts since mid-summer night...

upside down #2

It's quite entertaining to play on - being basically a huge wheel, you have to be really careful with weight distribution, as it can start to roll at any movement...which doesn't always end quite so elegantly...

french dismount?

...and I have the bruises to prove it!

But if you are careful you can get into some interesting climbing positions;

bat hang attempt

Looks like I'm on a bit of a roll here, leftwards...this might be the one that ended up in cuts and, adventuring injuries!!

Anna has to do it backwards of course, just to be different...

pro bat hang attempt

And then finally Anna wins the whole day by skipping up on top of the bales of hay that were stacked in the meadow, and performing a serene, calming (and ingeniously appropriate) yoga position...

Tree Pose

After such fun and nonsense in the field, we were both smiling and laughing, and the crazy irritation of the drainage debacle had melted away.

My advice to you, good reader, is time you are frustrated, angry or upset, first play hamsters and bats, and then climb the nearest haystack and do yoga on top of it.

Works wonders, trust me...


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