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Friday, 18 July 2014

Day 216 - Ah, Grasshopper


It's Friday night once more, so as usual this is going to be a light post...especially as my mission to get a good photo more or less failed today...

Yesterday, I'd noticed these House Martin nests high up on the 3rd floor of the office where I work...they were a hive of activity, with fledglings wanting to be fed and busy parents flitting noisily about.

So today I took my camera to work, and the first chance I got (which was mid afternoon!), I nipped out to get some shots.

Nothing...nada...rien...niente...all was quiet, no sign of activity at all.


Disappointed, I just rattled off a few careless shots and left.  However, when I got home and took a closer look, I found this:

hello hello

Peeking out of the right side of the left nest you can see two youngsters, patiently waiting for their parents to return with food (maybe a nice green grasshopper?).

Ironically, because I thought there was nothing there, I didn't take much care with my shots, and so this is a little blurry and there's a lesson!

As I had my DSLR in the office, I thought I'd take a final opportunity to wind up Portvinder (not his real name!), one of my main men at work.  

He's taken a secondment on another team, doing something completely different for the next year...therefore he fully deserves a little teasing. ;-)  

So I sat at my desk over the other side of the office, taking photo's of him through the PC screens...


He was suitably embarrassed, so that worked a treat!  B-)

But seriously though, it's been a pleasure working with him over the last 18 months or so, he's been a great help to me as well as to the rest of his team...not to mention other staff who've fallen on hard times, and would have been in a much worse boat had it not been for Portvinder's generous assistance...I'm not sure exactly what sort of boat, but there would certainly have been a dearth of paddles!

So thanks AP, and good luck in your quest for new challenges and opportunities...I'd love to have you back with us in 12 month's time - but I really don't expect it...

Now go - fly, grasshopper!


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