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Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 219 - Reclaimed by Nature


We decided to go for a walk in spite of not having to for the first time in years, so as to not break the routine...then we walked miles more than usual, in order to break the routine...

Go figure!

It's been a difficult, flat, sad day, and we felt the need to get out into nature and try to find some peace out there in the warm evening sun.

Resisting the temptation to look back every minute or so to see how Jazz was doing, we ended up walking all the way down to the bottom of the lane, quietly remembering him, and pondering the pros and cons of getting another dog.

Idly snapping as we strolled, we caught a few interesting sights, like this balloon peacefully wandering the skies.

By odd coincidence, we got another shot of a juvenile Green Woodpecker, a mile down the lane from where the last one was...


As we got to the bottom of the valley, we came to the little river that Jazz and Bluez liked to cool off in, back in the days when they could walk that far (a couple of years ago probably)..

no jazz

It was very overgrown, and very hard to focus, but it brought good memories of my boys splashing about, happy as labradors in cold water!

One photo I would never have captured if Jazz had been with me was this healthy looking rabbit...


As we started back up the lane, I caught this nice shot of a buzzard alighting on top of a tree...

big ol' buzzard

I'd been remonstrating with Anna for not getting me a photo of a deer when I gave her the camera for two minutes...and then spotted this lovely young buck Roe, who remarkably hadn't noticed us as he strolled across the field. 

oh deer

Handsome young chap, isn't he?

yes deer

I've been wanting a photo of a deer for ages...Muntjac next - we have those around here too.

Well there you are, made it through a whole post without getting too upset about Jazz, even though we're missing him painfully...

Going back to nature definitely helped, as always.

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