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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 213 - Making Hay

whilst the sun shines

I had a plan B all set up and prepared today, when I was thwarted at the last moment by this tractor.

I'd even put a little thought into what I was going to write about, which pretty much never happens...So maybe there's a lesson there, do you think?

Anyway, as soon as I saw the tractor out in the field hay-making, I knew my intended photo opportunity would be inaccessible... 

But quick as a flash, I thwarted fate right back!

Taking my cue from the tractor, I decided to make hay whilst the sun was shining, by getting a shot of the tractor making hay whilst the sun was shining...

Take that, kismet, I shall not be thwarted!

In a further demonstration of my hay-making ability, I'm going to sign off at this point, as I'm itching to go and play some good old down and dirty electric blues on my trusty old strat, to burn away some of the frustrations of having our lovely summer garden turned into what appears to be the remains of a building site, shortly after it's been peppered with multiple cluster-bombs, hot on the heels of a localised summer tornado...

And that's a significantly longer sentence than I commonly write!

You're welcome...


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