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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Day 204 - Birthday Boy

distinguished old gentledog

The 6th of July, 2014 marks a significant milestone for our JazzyBoy...he is 13 years old today!

The average life expectancy of a Labrador Retriever is 11.5 years, which is the labrador equivalent of around 67 human years.  13 years is around 80 years old...he's well and truly in the geriatric age bracket!

Of course, his brother (and litter mate) Bluez made it to 12.5 years, or about 77, so Jazz is doing well.

That said, if he was human, he'd have a Zimmer frame, a walking stick, maybe one of those chairs that helps you stand up, and probably a Stanna Stairlift...being canine, the NHS doesn't provide those things - instead he has to make use of the Tony Stairlift, as I carry him up and down each night and morning.

He is showing signs of wear nowadays.  For instance, he's increasingly grey around the muzzle these days, and the white hairs are appearing around his eyes:

what's happening?

But he can still look cute with it!


I know, it's impossible to get the exposure right on a black dog - Jazz is under exposed, the background is over exposed...still haven't worked out how to deal with that.

He can still look young, interested and alert though:

did you say chicken? cheese? chips?

Ears up in this way usually indicate that he thinks there might be some food in the offing...

But he can also look like an old fellow, and with his eyesight fading considerably of late, he now needs glasses:

are these supposed to help?

They do give him that distinguished old gentle-dog look though, don't you think?

I presume I'm getting a treat for this?

Happy Birthday, my old boy Jazzer - here's to another few doggy years, at least.

And thanks for being my friend for so long...see me later for bonus treats and fuss!

I love you, JazzyBoy...


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