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Friday, 4 July 2014

Day 202 - Eating Crow

breakfast time

Not the best photo today, but I have got you a nice video clip to go with it!

Well, to be honest, the photo is a clip from he video..but it fits the rules - it was taken just before 5.30 this morning, on a trailcam that I set up.

In the bottom right of the picture, you can just about make out the swollen, lifeless body of the pregnant vole that I left out as bait, and which the crow is homing in on.

I'm fairly sure this is a crow - to me, it looks tiny compared to last night's hefty beast...of course, Anna disagrees, and thinks they're both crows...

Anywhere, here's a brief clip from the wildlife camera:

I did say it was brief!

And this is Friday night, and as we now know, Friday night is short post night...

So I'll bid you a warm night night.

Night night!


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