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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 206 - Snail on Snail


Well, what a sight to be greeted with, stepping out of your door first thing in the morning!

This pair of amorous lovesnails were going at it hammer and tongs...or should I say horns and tongues?!  Do they even have tongues?  At this point, I'm oddly reluctant to go off researching the intricacies and intimacies of snail physiology!

I suppose it's feasible that they're fighting - this could be some brutal, slow-mo' territorial battle to the death...the one on the left has the other one locked in a vicious, suffocating face-grip...

But then if I'm going to anthropomorphise, I might as well assume something less violent...they're sucking each others faces like teenagers at the school disco? no, that's not really working for me either.

Perhaps they're good mates coming home after a heavy night on the town, intoxicated on the juicy leaves they've been nibbling all is draped around the others shoulders, drunkenly slurring, "I love you mate, you're my besht mate ever...ever, yeah man..."?

Or maybe they're seasoned lovers, basking in the afterglow, cuddling peacefully and chatting about how they should probably get up and go about their day...

I suppose it could simply be the gastropod equivalent of a car of them changed lanes without using the appropriate horn signals, leading directly to this pile-up...

Then again, it could be the long awaited TPGM (terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusc) WWF (World Wrestling Federation) match up between Trailer Snail (he'll slime you up!) and The Mighty Mollusc (he's stuck on you!).

(they're all a fix, you know, sportainment or whatever they call it...maybe they don't call it that...I might have just made that up)

Anyway, after careful consideration, I think I'm going to go with the afterglow image...that's the most peaceful of the options.

Speaking of which, a couple of people who saw my blog post from last night commented that I looked like a bit of a hooligan, and then looked at me a tad cautiously...

Somewhat amusingly, they seem to have seen that photo, which was obviously staged entirely for effect, and wondered whether that's actually the real me...

The mind boggles!

On the one hand, it's a little disturbing that they seem to think I could be like that...but on the other, I guess it speaks to my impressive acting (or at least, posing) skills!

I wonder what else I could convince people of with my acting (Gary)?

(bonus points for spotting the reference)



  1. This might possibly be my favourite blog post to date! (you're welcome!)

  2. Glad you liked it, 'Stino! it amused me too... :-)

    I have so far managed to resist following your link! :-p