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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 224 - 'Board Now

challenge complete

Today, I grabbed another significant tick from my 50th year challenge list...skateboarding!

Here I am celebrating with my main man Jezz (who is just setting out on his own long list of 40th year challenges).   He helpfully brought some skateboards (long boards, apparently) round to our house, and we set off down the lane to have a go. 

These things are so much better than when I was a kid!

And they're great fun...

getting the hang of it

First off we learnt to simply cruise on the boards.  They're quite long, wide and stable, and we had little difficulty getting going on them.

graceful as ever

Anna managed to get about half a mile on her first go without touching the ground!

Jezz, of course, was completely comfortable from the off...

nice socks

Anna bravely headed into the steepest section without hesitation, although we reached speeds where we certainly did not want to fall off!

she' s outta here...

Jezz took it casually, of course - he still can't resist posing at every opportunity...

40 going on 14

...but then I couldn't help posing a little myself!

50 going on 15

Jezz showed me a couple of tricks so we spent some time messing about trying not to break our ankles!


I managed a bit of tricking too, which I was pleased about!


I was quite pleased to do fairly well on the skateboards...I put it down to Tai Chi!

I learnt a little Tai Chi a couple of years ago, and one thing that really stayed with me was the Tai Chi Walk.  I've practised it now and then ever since, and it's taught me huge amounts about balance and controlled weight transfer. 

The improvements in my balance I took with me into climbing, where it's really helped...and further, I've now brought it into skateboarding, and it's enabled me to quickly feel relaxed and comfortable on the board.

We also tried some wheelies...

grabbing some air

I just need to do it when in motion!

bendy board

At the end of all that we were surprisingly hot and sweaty...turned out it was mostly easiest to walk back up the hill, which didn't help!

job done

All in all, I really enjoyed's definitely something I'm going to have a bit of a play with! 

I have some videos which I will post in a bonus entry at some point soon!

For tonight, I'm really pleased to tick off another of my challenges...

Super-psyched, in fact!


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