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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day 222 - Raven Rocks

big black blob

No, the title of this post hasn't been used before...not quite! :-p

For some reason, I feel strangely wordless today, so this might be a short entry!

I suppose it had to happen eventually...I just wasn't expecting eventually to be Day 222...hadn't really crossed my mind when it might be, to be honest.

So anyway...

Walking down the lane this evening, I spied this big fellow across the field.  Well, given my slightly failing long distance eyesight, I could just see a big black blob on top of the gatepost, where there shouldn't be a big black blob. 

Even on full zoom I couldn't get a great photo, and unusually, I had difficulty holding the camera steady.  

So all the photo's turned out a bit blurry, although at least it's clear that he's a raven...look at the height of him, compared to the 3 bar wooden gate that he's perched next to.

big black bird

His tail is partially hidden too, making him look a little smaller than he actually is. 

Even Anna agrees that he's a raven - because that's just how big he is!

We also saw a sparrowhawk circling in around our hedgerow, dropping on some poor the sound of it, it was a successful kill.

The incident took place about 7-8m from our lounge window - I saw him drop in from sitting in my chair at the desk where I am now!

Anna hissed a whisper telling me to grab the camera, but by the time I got there with it, he was out of sight around the back of the hedgerow, and all we caught was the awful noise of excited and distressed birds.

So that was pleasant...

Oh no, wait a, no it wasn't!


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