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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 227 - Summer Harvest

in need of tlc

Well, I remembered, even if none of you did (despite me specifically asking you to)...

It's late July, and so time for Part Three of my four part Hole in the Hedgerow series.

Part One was taken in late January, on a lovely crisp morning, and it was one of the earliest photo's that I was really pleased with.

That directly inspired the Spring edition in Part Two, late April, which again I found full of life and vibrancy.

This time, we've turned from the verdant green of spring, to the duller, dustier green of Summer.   The plants are almost starting to wilt a little in the dry heat, and the wheat in the field has faded from green to a pale yellowy-brown, and is ready to harvest.

In fact, they've just started harvesting today - every 15 minutes or so another huge tractor, towing a humongous trailer filled with grain, goes hurrying past in a roar of diesel and dust. 

They'll be back and forth to the grain store for all of the evening and much of the night. 

It's the busiest it ever gets down our quiet lane, which goes pretty much nowhere...just to one farmhouse, and a few hundred acres of arable and pasture land. 

I'd better not go 'boarding tonight then!


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