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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Day 319 - Amiable Animals

nicely to heel

Fairly drizerable, Autumnal day today, so not many photo ops...mostly more dog pics then!

Hey, you have to work with what you've's going to be dark by the time I get home, for every remaining day of this year-long blog...conditions aren't going to be good for amazing photo's - sorry!

Still, the one above captures the feel of the day - the damp leaves everywhere seem to reflect the general atmosphere...and look how nicely Robin is walking with Anna!

A few minutes earlier, we were up on the ridge that runs along the north side of the valley, and took this shot looking back from whence we came.

our house

Our house is on the far side of the little cluster of buildings in the upper middle of the shot...the old farm buildings are currently being developed into (expensive!) housing, although fortunately we're the other side of the main road, so it doesn't have much impact on us. 

But you can just about make out our house in that photo, honest!

Back to dog photo' way of demonstrating how super smart this dog is, I hereby present Robin (Robinho is an emerging nickname at the moment, pronounced roo-been-yo (by us at least)), in full-on Einstein mode (another of his nicknames)...

big brain

I should make it clear that he did this all on his own...there was no prompting of any kind.


Shortly after I mentioned yesterday that it was always Robin mirroring Loz, and that I felt that Loz doesn't mirror, this happened...

queen loz

Robin was happily dozing by the fire, and keeping his head down whilst Loz was having a mad five minutes dashing around house, when this time Loz chose to come and sit with him.

She's not mirroring, as predicted, but still, he was there first and she came and sat by him.

I think maybe she's simply treating the pouffe as a throne, and in the process placing her minion firmly in his place - at her feet. 

Finally, here's another example of the mirroring thing from this afternoon...


Robin hasn't quite got the orientation right this time, but he's copying Loz's curled-up posture fairly closely.

I do think these two are going to become good buddies.

Hope so...


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