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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Day 306 - Misty Morning

hawthorn grrr

After days of rain, it was nice to wake up to brighter skies this morning...although unusually, and somewhat disconcertingly, nobody else in the house seemed to want to get up at all!

Maisie was of course on my pillow when I woke up.  Usually she wants a fuss, a bit of a face rub...well, really she wants a nice hard knuckle to push her face onto!

But this morning, she was quiet and unresponsive...where usually she's very happy to receive my attention (and in fact, demands it), this morning she was only interested in Anna...who was of course fast asleep.

Maisie seemed subdued, and it's fair to say she's not been well lately.  She's been struggling to get around - one of her hind legs is clearly stiff and painful.  And the poor little thing has had a cold too, and it's been worsening for a few days.

Loz, who usually nags me immediately and doesn't stop until either Anna has got up, or Anna has fed her, stayed where she was, curled up on the wicker chair near to Anna...

Until a fortnight ago, Loz never slept upstairs, but always in the lounge (often accompanied by Jazz)...then a few days before Robin showed up, she started settling on Anna's chair in the bedroom, which has always been strictly Maisie (and Bluez) Territory...but she always hassles me for breakfast in the morning, mewing insistently at me, lowly servant that I am. 

Anna was of course firmly away with the fairies, her alarm only having gone off once or twice by this point. 

Upon opening the curtains, I was presented with this lovely misty morning, and figured I'd try for an early banker in the daily take a half decent photo challenge.

I went downstairs to grab the camera, thinking that at least Robin would be pleased to see me...and sure enough, he got up out of bed, grabbed Monkey (his favourite soft toy) and curved his way towards me, tail wagging enthusiastically. 

After a couple of minutes of fuss, I went to get my camera and headed upstairs, figuring that the cats, at least, would be stirring by now.


Maisie was still sitting on Anna's pillow, with her face an inch or two away from Anna's...

Anna was of course still comatose...

Strangest of all, Loz was still curled up and dozing on the chair!

rattled off a few snaps of the misty morning, although unfortunately I couldn't find a perspective where our slightly out of control hawthorn hedgerow wasn't marginally in the way...

Heading back downstairs to get on with my day, and assuming that Robin would probably want to go to the loo and have his breakfast (in no particular order), I was amazed to find that he was back in his bed and curled up like he was settling in!

Having been so disturbingly sleepy myself of late, it was surreal to find myself awake, and everyone else so sleepy, with no apparent enthusiasm for such a lovely morning...

World's gone weird!

Or is it just me?


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