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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Day 301 - Doggy Doings

gonn' rain

Another day of doggy doings today, and everything is still going well.

Robin got his first taste of Cat Justice this morning, when he moved in too energetically to say hello to Anna, when Loz was on Anna's lap...Loz dealt a lightning strike to his nose, which he was quite surprised about!

Fortunately, rather than fighting back, he came over to me for reassurance, and hid a little behind me...within 5 minutes he was lying by my feet, dozing, and Loz was 1m away on Anna's lap, dozing.

So maybe that's that...Loz has established her superiority, and will hopefully not feel the need to tell him again...he should have learned his lesson, and now he seems to be giving her a respectfully wide birth. 

Phil came up for the Grand Prix, and Robin accepted him happily into the this evening, Robin was sleeping with his head draped over Phil's foot...

We had a couple of other visitors throughout the day, and he was polite and friendly with everyone...we also took him into the local village, where we stood chatting to a friend of ours in the street for ten minutes, whilst he stood and amicably interacted with any passers by who were interested.

A passing ambulance switched its sirens on when it was about 5m away from us...he didn't bat an eyelid.

On our way back from the walk pictured above, those dark clouds opened up and we got drenched...we were keen to see how he'd respond to a full rub down with a towel - he was fine, and happily accepted it.

Also we found a new entrant for the dead an1mal series...


Poor little dead mole, lying upside down on the road...hard to imagine how he could have ended up there, lying on his back like that. 

Still, Robin left him if nothing else, he served as another helpful test of Robin's inclinations and proclivities...

Thanks, little deadm0l3!


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