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Monday, 13 October 2014

Day 303 - Sleeping Dogs


I've learned how to set up a spycam that I can access from anywhere, even on my I can check on Robin at any time whilst we're at work.

Today was the first time we'd left him alone in the house (with cats of course), and we didn't want to be constantly worrying about what was happening at home.

He was going to be home alone for the morning, so I rigged up a wifi webcam to which I can connect from pretty much anywhere.

It's not connected to a PC - in fact it's only connected to a power socket, and to my home wifi network...which means I can place it anywhere that I can get power to it, and is in wifi range (which is the whole house, at least)

When connecting remotely, from a smartphone or PC, I can move the camera, and take snapshots and video if I so choose...the photo above is one such screen-cap.

This was also typical of Robin's morning. 

He'd had a walk in the rain and some breakfast, so when Anna left, he was ready for a doze...he got straight in his bed, and remained there pretty much constantly all morning. 

I only spotted him out of his bed once, for a few minutes...he seemed to be interested in the treat cupboard, and then in the window out of shot on the right.

It turned out later that the appointment I had for the early afternoon with a double glazing company to measure up some of our windows for replacement, was no longer necessary - someone had measured up from the outside during the morning!

Also, a large load of coal was delivered to the outhouse, which is right next to the treat cupboard...

There had clearly been activity around the house, but it didn't seem to phase him - he just went back to bed once they'd gone, where he remained until I arrived home at lunchtime.

It's possible to send audio to the webcam - I could speak to Robin from work.  I'm not sure that's a great idea though, it's only liable to wake him up...

You know what they say...

Let sleeping dogs lie!


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