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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Day 295 - Unoriginal Replica


Whilst wandering somewhat aimlessly around Homebase today, trying to remember why we'd gone there, I stopped short as I saw this interesting wall-hanging, which they're selling as decorative art.

It's not that the view is so interesting and atmospheric, but that it's so similar to a photo I already know well...

Early last year, in order to kick-start our outdoor climbing adventures, we headed off to Snowdonia...we were there to attend a course at the famous Plas-y-Brenin National Mountain Centre.

The course was about learning to climb on rock, in a Traditional style...that is, to learn the technical rope and climbing equipment skills and techniques that would enable us to head into the mountains on our own. 

We were already competent climbers at this point, so the course was focussed on;
  • placing gear - putting chocks and cams into the rock to clip the rope to...
  • building anchors to, well...anchor yourself to...
  • multi-pitch routes - those where it's necessary to split the climb up, and hence the need to build anchors halfway up a cliff face...
  • abseiling - for descending, or as an escape route if required...
We'd foolishly not considered the weather when booking a course in the mountains in March, and so were surprised to arrive there in a blizzard!

Due to ongoing wintry conditions within the Snowdonia National Park, we were forced to the significantly milder coastal temperatures, to climb on Anglesey, and later at Tremadog, having many an adventure along the way.

On our final day there, we completed our first multi-pitch route entirely on our was an easy 50m climb up a gentle crack system on the slab of Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)...right on the snow line, in bitterly cold conditions, we found we didn't quite have the right clothing!

Yet despite being utterly frozen, we came away triumphant at what felt like a significant breakthrough climb for us...the climb that opened up a great year of adventuring for us. 

We also learned that day that we are not really cold weather climbers...or at least, we need better mountain-wear!

The point (there is a point, honest!), of all of which is, that whilst staying at the National Mountain Centre in Capel Curig, we went for a walk around the lake.

Anna took the lovely photograph below of the view up towards a cloud-enshrouded Snowdon at the top of the valley...


Homebase stole Anna's shot!  

Then again, maybe everyone who walks up there stops at that point and says, "oh look at the lovely view...that'd make a nice photo...".

At least Anna's is exactly as it came out of the fancy post-processing.

And beautifully framed, of course...


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