In which I take a photo every day that I'm 50, and post it here on this blog, with a bit of related blurb.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Day 296 - Teaser

home fire

A sudden turn in the weather, from mild and warm, to cold, windy, and wet, prompted us to light a first fire of this new Autumn...a milestone each year, symbolically bidding farewell to the warmer months, and welcoming the colder.

It was a truly impulsive decision...I hadn't even considered the possibility, until we were getting changed in a chilly bedroom after work...we should put a fire on, I thought...

We should put a fire on!

Once that seed was firmly planted, there was no getting away from it...and so I set about clearing out the grate, finding fire-lighters, kindling, logs and coal...

Everything was covered in cobwebs, which wasn't fun...for one thing, they just stick to everything...but more importantly, I feel bad about whichever poor little spider has just had his home demolished, and is possibly about to get set on fire...

Anyway, before long I'd dropped logs on the carpet, got cobwebs stuck to my sleeves and trousers, and had soot on my hands and probably my face too...but I also had a lovely fire burning in the grate!

It wasn't long before the crackling attracted the usual suspect...

ooohh yeeaahhhhh

Now all we need is Anna and a dog lounging by the fire with Loz, and we've got our full traditional Winter Mode on!

I find I'm quite looking forward to the darkening of the days, the lengthening of the nights, and the deepening of the cold over the next couple of months...

Winter is coming...and I'm quite excited at the prospect!

The changing of the seasons has also served to remind me that I'm on the home straight with my blog now...nearly 300 days done, more than 80% of the way through this epic journey we've been on...

It has been a fun and inspiring project, don't get me wrong...but I am tired and on some levels looking forward to a break.

But hold on a minute, sit yourself right back down there...

Don't go thinking it's all over bar the shouting...somewhat unbelievably, I still have a few things yet to say...can't remember what they are, of course...but if I do, I'll try to stay remembered long enough to get them blogged on here - it could happen!

In any event, there are all sorts of exciting times ahead, over the next 10 weeks, and I have a number of plans for the blog, before we're finished with this thing. 

So don't got sneaking off before the final chapter, huh?

In fact, you should sit and watch all the way through the fifteen minutes of credits (probably fifteen days in my case), in order to catch that last little teaser right at the end.

You know full well it won't have been worth never is!

But this time, it might...mightn't it?

Best sit right there and see....