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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Day 302 - Nosing Around

sniff test

Hey, did you notice that we got through page 300 a couple of days ago?!

I'm going to celebrate this milestone by writing a very short post today - it's late and I've been very tired all weekend...and who can blame me, after I've blogged for over 300 straight days?!

So having a new dog is quite demanding, and is not all plain sailing...

Whilst Robin's been very good, and it's hard to fault his behaviour generally, it's still a matter of building up a level of trust and respect...both ways of course.  With the best will in the world, it takes time to establish that bond...and in the meantime, he's a big, strong dog.

We're all getting used to each other, though, and every day that passes without major incident helps.  Loz and Robin are making strides towards understanding how to get by together, and he's been exploring the house a bit more, as though realising that he's staying for a while, and so familiarising with his surroundings.

It was whilst nosing around the garden this morning that I spied this crow on top of a nearby tree (apropos of nothing)...


Actually, I thought he was a raven, but even as I took the photo, he cawed in a distinctively crow-like way. 

Shows what I know...


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