In which I take a photo every day that I'm 50, and post it here on this blog, with a bit of related blurb.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Day 90 - Unstructured

amorphous: adj...without definite shape, character
Busy day today, so it got to mid evening before I realised I hadn't got a photo.  


You'd think I'd have got used to it by now, eh?

I had fun trying to get Maisie to sit in a hat, for a cool Cat in the Hat shot, but although I sort of managed it (no mean feat!), the lighting was rubbish...too bright and over-exposed with flash, too dim and blurred without.

So I fell back to alternative cat photo's when I found Loz fire-taming (like fire worshipping, only intimidating the fire into subservience with an icy stare) in the lounge. 

But now I'm confusing you by talking about Maisie beneath a picture of Loz, and Loz under a picture of Maisie. 

Are you following?

Do you remember those Annoying Opposites I was telling you about the other day?  Well this isn't one of those, this is just me organising my post badly (maybe because I had a bottle of cider (or maybe because I had another bottle of cider)).

Structure is important for a variety of reasons.  It brings order and coherence to the post.

You present an idea or two, expand on them, then make some kind of point, or at least draw to a conclusion.

Even now, I'm struggling to resist the urge to make the post flow.  

And I don't know why...some time in the last few minutes, I've decided that this will be a post about doing it all badly.  But I always want to make each sentence follow the last.

Maybe I'll just stop at some point.

Just not quite yet. 

Oh, ok, now.

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