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Monday, 10 March 2014

Day 86 - Doing It Wrong

cheap shot

I had a morning from hell today.   Mon(g)day if ever there was one!   

I woke up early, feeling horrible...bunged up, sore sinuses, whoozy head, throat raw, painful chest.

Giving up on the possibility of further sleep, I got up around 6am and prepared a lemsip, then sat and checked mails whilst I attempted to get my brain into gear for a busy day back at work.

After an hour or so, I felt up to getting dressed and heading that's what I did.

I was out of the house by 7.45am...only to find that my car was completely hint of charge in the battery...the remote lock didn't work, and no lights came on when putting the key in the ignition. 


So I grabbed the jump leads, and Anna's car key, and pulled the bonnet release catch in the car. 


Huh?!  Try again...nope, nothing happening there.   

A quick scan of Google revealed, with unhelpful vagueness, that some (unspecified) models have a movable Ford badge, under which there's a key lock.  

Nope, can't do it, not on this model, apparently.  

So Anna called the AA out (and had to bung them some cash to upgrade of course).  They came out fairly promptly, to be fair. 

But the AA man couldn't pop the bonnet either...

FFs, really?!

He had to jack the car up and remove the under-tray, after which, if he lay on the ground, he could just about apply a little juice.  

I switched the ignition on..Yay, lights!!

Turned the key, and the engine turned - but wouldn't ignite.  

I ended up having to have a nightmarish tow into a Ford dealer 10 miles away, trying to steer with no servo assistance, and bracing against the crash the AA man seemed determined to cause, repeatedly pulling out in front of cars that had to slam their brakes on to avoid side-swiping me.

And the dealer can't look at it until Wednesday. 


So I eventually arrived at work flue-y, worn, and feeling somewhat dishevelled, at around 10.30am...after which, the day went fairly well!

Actual Yay!  :-)

Anna picked me up after work, and I spent the whole journey home trying to take photo's of the sunset from the moving car.  I'm almost never a passenger, so it was a rare opportunity to see over hedgerows, have a bit of a nose and whatnot.

Fortunately I wasn't too optimistic, as the photo's are all as poor as predicted.

But I quite liked two or three of them, and this one in particular just has something interesting about it, although I can't put my finger on quite what that something is. 

Anyway, all's well that ends well, and today definitely improved as it waned...

Life's like that, I think, don't you?

If this isn't your experience, then might I humbly suggest that you're doing it wrong?


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