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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Day 80 - No Shit, Sherlock

sea view beach

My cold has evolved into a chest infection, so I had another horrible, restless night with fitful sleep, punctuated by bouts of painful, wracking coughs and other unmentionable symptoms.

Once again, all hope of climbing today faded into a whoozy, spaced-out blur of disappointment, for both Anna and I.

We'd hoped to visit a crag called Marin, near Alicante, where we planned to climb our first grade 6, and have a dabble at short multi-pitch climbs.

It quickly became clear that even if I had been up to it physically, my vacant mental state would have rendered the whole affair somewhat riskier than necessary. 

By the time I'd been up a couple of hours, I felt wiped out, so went back to bed and slept for a further two hours. 

By early afternoon though, we were both feeling cooped up, so decided to go and hang out on the beach instead.

We got in the car and headed south a little, until we found this quiet beach.  As we pulled up in front of this sign, we both had a "wait...what?!" moment...

My rudimentary Spanish may be, well, rudimentary, but as far as I can tell, Playa Vistamar translates as Sea View Beach, or perhaps more literally, Beach Viewsea.  

What creative genius came up with that imaginative name?!

Curiously, the only people we saw on the beach for the next two hours were dog walkers, despite the No Dogs! sign.  In fact, we saw more dogs than people.

They should have called it Playa Vista Perro...that would have been less obvious, if no more accurate.

The sea looked incredibly inviting, and I was curious as to why none of the dogs seemed particularly interested in swimming.

Then I went in myself...up to my calves at least.

It was bleedin' freezin'!  

Now, I'm aware that the Mediterranean cools off during the winter, but I didn't realise by how was painfully cold!

Still, it was refreshing, and I'm pleased to be able to say I went in the sea whilst I was here...

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