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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day 47 - Happy House

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I've been keeping this in reserve for quite some time's one of my backups for a day when I don't manage to get any photo's...and as it turns out, today is that day!

My life is so frantic at the moment, I seem to need around 20 hours to just about squeeze through all the demands of each day.   

I'm not complaining, mind.   Life is like this sometimes, it's all part of the roller coaster ride that we're on.    And it is just a ride, of course... ;-)

Bonus points for anyone who spots that reference.

Anyway, the point is, this is a brilliant work of art that my daughter Kim (Pin Snot) made for me.

The tree is cut out of a single piece of card and set on a raised bed.   Kim (Pin) designed it, cut it out and framed it, with some assistance from partner Roob (I dunno, erm...Noob?), as I understand. 

It really is beautifully designed and made, and it really does mean a lot to me.

Of course it's a lovely reminder of the happy little household we had here for a few short years.

But in some ways, it's a sad reminder too...the hole Bluez left in our lives looms large, still...   

However, the grief I still feel so keenly for Bluez isn't something wrong, to be hidden away or repressed.   

It's a reflection of how strong was my affection for him - it hurts so because I loved him so.

So I indulge the grief a little, embrace it even, as a valid expression of Who I Am.

After all, it is ultimately a simple expression of love, and thus to be nurtured.  And I'm not advocating wallowing in it...just; it...let it out...move along with life...rinse and repeat...

It's a gentle and cathartic little cycle that deals with the loss honestly, and openly, and genuinely.

So...I digress...but isn't that the point?

The lovely Family Tree that Pin made for me sets me off on a little emotional journey, as all great art should do.   When I look at it, I am invariably filled with a sense of gratitude at how lucky I am to have both a happy house of lovely (and loved) souls, and a lovely (and loved) daughter who can produce something so beautiful as to remind me of the happy house of lovely, loved souls I have!

(that sentence holds together logically, I'm telling you...does too...)  :-p

So thanks Pin, if I loved it half as much as I love you twice as much as, then I'd love it twice as much as I love you half as much as, twice.

(not sure about that one, if I'm honest...) :-D

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  1. It's almost as if you knew I needed a little cheering up tonight. You even posted it early enough for me to read before bed!! Thanks. Ps I told you I read your blog :-)