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Friday, 17 January 2014

Day 34 - Death On a Plate

Evil, or divine?

This evening, I drove down to Bishopstoke to spend the weekend with my main man Jezz, and our good friend Dave.  Apart from going for a climb tomorrow morning, we'll be playing computer games and over-indulging in ridiculously unhealthy food.   It's gonna be great!

Last time we did this, Dave's lovely wife Jan made this amazing killer snack, which, when you eat it, tastes as though it's approximately 50% peanuts, 80% Crunchie bar honeycomb, 150% sugar, and around 260% chocolate.   It's the most unbelievably amazing stuff.

My teeth are trying to fall out just thinking about it...and how Dave isn't the size of a house, I don't know!

Jezz sent me a photo just before I left, and I'm touched that Jan remembered how much I enjoyed it.  Suffice to say, I set off with my mouth watering at the prospect.

My mind wandered as I drove, and I really enjoyed the head space.  I used to do the drive down to the south coast and back weekly, and used the time to listen to music, learn songs, and cogitate.

Thus, this evening, it was with a sense of nostalgia that I spent the drive pondering, fairly productively, a range of topics...

I thought about recent developments at work...potential opportunities...battles to be fought...tactics to be deployed...ideas to promote....people to develop and encourage.

I pondered a colleague who is having a hard time lately, and how proud I am of the team for rallying around him (most of them, anyway).

Music played a significant role in my journey, as it always used to.   The auxiliary input on my car stereo is playing up, so it had to be radio.  I settled for Classic FM for the first half of the journey.   It was pleasant and conducive to introspection, and I enjoyed it.

The signal started to break up eventually, so I scanned for a while, and ended up listening to late 70's and early 80's disco music for the latter half of the journey, on Heart FM (for god's sake don't tell anyone, it'll destroy my street cred, if I've got any). An enjoyably high funk quotient made it bearable, in a vaguely painful kind of way.

I'm planning a jam session with a friend at work and my brother.  We'll just have bass, drums, guitar and vocals.  It'll be bluesy and raw, and we'll see if we gel.  I'm not sure who'll play what - we'll swap it about, I think.   Certainly the guitarist will also play bass.  I'll play guitar, bass or drums, and will probably have to sing too.  Should be fun - we're possibly having a first bash in the next week or so.

I'm also planning a new musical adventure, experimenting with more of a participative model of music making, that I hope to share with small groups, such as friends around our house for an evening.  I have lots of ideas for that...I think it's going to be great fun!

Watch this space for more news...

In the meantime, do enjoy your weekend...I'm certainly going to enjoy mine!

That chocolate/peanut/honeycomb thing...I might be dead by morning...

Wish me luck...I'm going in.

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