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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Day 36 - Rock 'n' Robbin'

I know, right?!

It was definitely a boys weekend this weekend.  Computer games, good food (or bad, depending on your perspective), and beer.   More or less in that order. 

Oh, and bank robberies.  Lots of lovely bank robberies...

I didn't have the most physically comfortable weekend.  Between a heavy, strenuous climbing session, an unfamiliar bed, a somewhat un-supportive seating arrangement for gaming, and not forgetting, just plain old being 50, pretty much everything hurts now. 

Not in an intense, distracting way, I'm just vaguely feeling tired and a little battered and bruised. 

Dave had it worse, having tweaked his back at some point during the weekend.  Hope it improves soon, Dave!

Others have it worse still, such as my colleague from work who's now in hospital, hopefully getting the relief he's been needing.

Surveying the scene in the lounge, however, it's clear (to me, at least) that time's, they are a-changin'.

Back in the glory days of the LAN Party (say, the mid-late 90's), the scene above would be somewhat different.

In those days, the screens would have been small, cubic CRT's, and the gamers would be hunched over a mouse and keyboard at some sort of makeshift desking arrangement.  Even in game, the players would have been bunny-hopping everywhere, in the sometimes mistaken belief that you can move faster whilst jumping.

Today's gamers?  They just lounge back on their comfy armchairs, lightweight, ergonomic controller resting lightly between their relaxed arms and fingers, and in-game they just run everywhere because pressing that jump key is just too much effort. 

As do we, I realised, somewhat depressingly.   We've devolved from hardcore PC gamers into over-glamorised-console consumers.

It's all so easy now.   When ah' were a lad, you had to put some effort in if you wanted to just play a game.  Installation alone could be a daunting technical nightmare.

If you wanted to play a game with somebody else, well, that was a challenge of relatively gargantuan proportions.   It took much planning, research, experimentation, tweakage, acquisition and configuration...not to mention the hefty sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears that the gaming Gods required before they'd grant a miraculous connection established to host message.

Tell that to't kids of today, they'll not believe you!

Still, Back on topic, bank robberies!!  We've been playing a game called PayDay, where you play a team of bank robbers on a heist.   You have to case the joint, then put on these freaky clown masks and hold it up.   You have to do some crowd control, get the access codes from the Bank Manager, locate the vault and drill into it, steal some bags of money and raid any safety deposit boxes.   Finally, once loaded with loot, fight your way out (assuming the alarm was raised and you're now surrounded by Police and SWAT teams), and get to the getaway vehicle. 

Brilliant Cops and Robbers fun. 

Late last  night, a little heisted out, we decided to watch a movie.  We casually flicked through our options, and settled on a film called 2 Guns, which looked (at a glance) like some kind of Mafia crime drama.

And so we found ourself, much to our surprise, watching a story of a pair of criminals involved in a heist. 

Throughout the course of the film, they decided to rob a bank, and so had to case the joint.   When they went in, they wore freaky clown masks, did the crowd control, got the key from the manager, stole the bags of money...fought their way out, escaped in getaway vehicle.

It was eerily similar.   It felt like we were still playing the game, but it had gone onto auto, so freeing our hands up to stuff more sugary indulgences into our pale faces.  

Funniest thing was, we were all so much the worse for wear that it took us until about half way through before we really twigged.   I'm sure that up to that point, some part of us thought we were still playing PayDay.

I feel as though the universe is trying to tell me something...

Something about bank robberies...



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